Appellate Law

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After a trial is over, a party may believe it is legally entitled to a reversal or modification of the outcome decided by the lower court. Appellate law is the process that allows a party to appeal the lower court's decision by filing a notice of appeal. Whether you want to reverse the judgment or protect a favorable judgment, the selection of an experienced appellate attorney is important.

Experienced Appellate Attorneys

Murphy Desmond S.C. handles civil and criminal appeals of all types, and our Madison and Janesville appellate lawyers are experienced at all levels in federal and state court.

The Wisconsin appellate court process

When you hire an appellate lawyer, you need a new perspective to your case. The purpose of appellate courts is to determine if appropriate law and procedures were applied. The Wisconsin appellate lawyers at Murphy Desmond will examine the original decision and trial process and work to identify your strongest potential appellate issues.

Successful resolution of an appeal demands specialized skills. Appellate courts do not hear new evidence nor retry cases. Appeals are decided almost entirely on the parties' written briefs. The briefs must be carefully drafted to identify the strongest issues and to present a party's arguments in a concise and convincing manner. An appellate attorney often needs to argue not only the merits of the case, but also explain why a given rule should be adopted for future cases. If reversal of the original outcome is sought, the appellate lawyer must overcome the arguments of opposing counsel as well as the echoes of the lower court's reasoning. The briefs are read by the appellate judges and oral arguments may be requested. After that, the case is submitted to the appellate court for a decision.

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If you would like to file an appeal, or if you are dissatisfied with the results of a recent appeal and want to petition a higher appellate court, contact Murphy Desmond at 608.257.7181 to speak with one of our appellate lawyers. Our appellate lawyers will closely examine your case and the court's decision, and advise you on the appropriate steps to take should you wish file an appeal.